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Commerce-Logo-150x300New Market, Virginia

New Market is the southern-most town of Shenandoah County, located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  The town is cradled by the Massanutten and Blue Ridge Mountains to the East and on the West by the Alleghany Mountains.  There is just something magical here, how could it not be with a river that flows north and majestic underground rooms?

Why New Market Was So Named….

The land was granted by King Charles II to Lord Culpepper and eventually passed to Lord Fairfax.  The town was first known as Cross Roads due to the fact it was the intersection of two principal Indian Trails.  Gen. John Sevier, noted Indian fighter, revolutionary patriot, and founder & Governor of Tennessee, is generally credited with being the founder of the town.  New Market derives its name from New Market, England, the site of the famous racetrack.  In the early days, there was a racetrack in New Market, Virginia, just about a mile long to the west of the town.  The name was officially recorded on December 14, 1796.

Claim to Fame:

New Market’s place in history became secure on May 15, 1864 when a force of Federal troops under Gen. Franz Sigel was routed by Confederates under the command of Gen. John C. Breckenridge, following a fierce battle in mud and rain west and north of the town.  The tide of the battle was turned by the historic charge of the Virginia Military Institute Cadets from Lexington, Virginia, who were moved into a breach on the Confederate line at the Bushong House, a mile north of town! There are still many buildings standing within the town (and several still owned by the same families) that  served the troops during “The War”.